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About the COMPANY

X-WORLD, an international company specialising in computer software development - includes includes the X-WORLD information retrieval system, a video portal, cloud services and Aladdin online marketplace.

The main objective of the company is to create a multi-lingual, interfaith, multicultural, international Internet platform based on the principles of internet security.

The companys core value is to serve the interests of users who require a secure Internet with a variety of quality resources and services.

Our mission is to make the world a cleaner and better place by providing a safe virtual

Our activities are based on the principles of safety, morality, responsibility, purity of relations, preservation of human values. We are committed to helping people in solving their problems and achieving their goals in life, regardless of where they live, age, nationality, social status and religion.

- We develop convenient services that bring concrete benefits to people and give them new opportunities for work, education, leisure, and everyday tasks. We are responsible for the applications and services we develop for millions of users.

- We constantly invest in anti-spam, anti-flooding, protection of users' personal data. We strictly filter content for the promotion of alcohol, drugs, pornography, smoking, child suicide, gambling. We do not develop military technology.

- We only use our users' data to ensure the correct operation of applications and services. We carefully protect personal data and adhere to our privacy policy. Disclosure of data disclosure only within the limits of the law and at the request of the law enforcement authorities.

- We are open to our users. Recognizing mistakes made and keeping up with the times, We are not afraid to close certain resources and services. It is much more important for us to develop new, We are much more important for us to develop new and better software that is as useful and convenient for our users as possible.

- We respect other global and national companies. We support fair competition: we do not criticize publicly, but take responsibility for ourselves and our work. We believe that Every user has the right to choose which services to use.


The history of X-WORLD began long before its official announcement - in 2002.

Over the years, company names have changed, innovative software has been developed, the range of services has expanded, and new applications have been created. Over the years the names of the company have changed, innovative software has been developed, the range of services has expanded, new applications have been created, but the objectives and principles of the have remained unchanged.

Our activities began in the city, where a major city Internet portal. We were the first in the world to develop an online platform (analog of a modern social network), where users could register, post information about themselves, meet and chat.

In the future, the company's activities were aimed at developing, launching and improving new IT-products: cloud services, messengers, and browsers.

For 2022, our subsidiary X-WORLD will launch 24 services with complex IT developments.
Today we have offices in South Korea, China, Turkey, UAE, Europe and CIS countries.

Our immediate goals:

- To create the world's best comfortable environment in a safe Internet for the people of of all countries around the globe;

- Become as competitive as possible on the global IT market and take leading positions on a par with the largest IT-corporations.

Company Details

Full name: "LLC X-WORLD"
Short name: "X-WORLD"
Direktor: Dr. Tokhir Tukhtarov